Quick tip


It’s finally spring and you know you will be bringing way more blooms into your house. Well I have a nifty little tip for you to make your flowers look perky. It will also come in handy if your vase is a bit too wide.
All you really need is some tape to make the vase bit more narrow and dadaa!



Hubby and wifey mugs

Recently a very dear friend of mine got married off the grid. They kept it a secret and let everybody know only after they had tied the knot. I felt the need to make them something but had only very little time to prepare.
I have always admired cute hubby and wifey items so I chose to make a mug set. To keep it happy and springy I went for the neon colours.


Mugs, sharpies and voila!

Tea is always a good idea 🍵

I’ve been putting together a little gift basket for my friends house warming. I wanted to put little something selfmade in as well for a more personal touch so I ended up making little tea bags with homegrown peppermint. Oh, that sweet peppermint smell lingered on my fingers afterwards and the room had such a fresh scent to it.


I simply wrapped the crushed leaves inside a gauze and tied it with a string. Thought it would be a cute idea to place them inside a teapot so it will serve kind of a double duty.


The tags are from pinterest aren’t they adorbes? !


It is so rewarding to make a simple present for a friend..It uuzes out all the love you put in it in the process.
What was your last DIY gift?

Cake toppers in under a minute

Hello lovely people! Today I’m going to share a neat little idea to jazz up your cake presentation situation. So if you are lacking skills in making your cake looking great department or if you are incredible at it and just want to make a cake extravaganza keep reading!

All you need is some tape, craft paper and some sticks (I used bamboo skewers and for cup cake toppers just good old toothpicks) – and the possibilities are endless. It takes less than a minute. You will probably spend more time looking for your supplies. If you want the cake topper to look fabulous from front and back cut out two pieces and use double sided tape. 😉 Here are couple of my options.


This Birthday banner is kind of self explanatory. I used it on D’s birthday cake. Balloons are suitable for different and so easy to make too.


Smaller hearts will be perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day. Use them on simple cup cakes, it will make a cute present for your loved ones.


And if cake baking fails, like in my case here, these toppers will once again come to the rescue.  I mean look at this poor wanna be cake. So poorly executed, still looking super cute.


PS! I’m so happy I made this test trial tiny cake. Now I can be sure the real deal will come out looking and tasting delish on Sunday. 😉

PPS! This is great way to personalise a last minute store bought cake.😉





Sugar sweet

I have this little tradition going on probably since Raisin was only a couple months old, as soon as I put him to sleep for the night I reward myself for making it through the day. I sit down with a cup of tea usually wih something sweet on the side and take a deep breath – my workday is over.

Most of the time I take the easy way out and buy a chocolate bar or maybe some ice cream so I have something sweet to wait for in the evening, but today I decided to make some sugar cookies. Simple enough and not too much hussle I thought, still learned a couple of things along the way.


For the first batch I used two tea spoons to form little dough balls, not the easiest for a rookie like me. So until the first batch was cooking in the oven I put the dough to cool a bit in the fridge, 10 minutes made all the difference so from there on I rolled the dough  in my hands and it was so much easier.


Another mistake I made with the first batch was that I put too many  on the pan. They melt and expand pretty drastically. I ended up having one big blob of a cookie, just as tasty but not too  presentable. After that I stuck with 16 cookies per pan.


After apting these simple changes this is what I ended up with. Well actually a lot more of those but these cookies are pretty sweet so those 4 were quite enough to have with my tea.

2016-02-01_22.31.25.jpgI also attempted to make few heart shaped ones with Valentine’s Day in mind. I pressed the dough inside a cookie cutter but ended up having two shapeless blobs again….


…I salvaged them by cutting the blobs before they were ready to be taken out from the oven,  so it’s possible but probably not the best way to do it.


So for these cookies you will need

🍴2 3/4 cups flour

🍴1 teaspoon baking soda

🍴1/2 teaspoon baking powder

🍴1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

🍴1 egg

🍴1 cup softened butter

🍴1 1/2 cup sugar

🍴a lot of sprinkles

Preheat oven to 190 C. Stir together flour, soda, baking powder.

Cream together butter and sugars until smooth. Beat in an egg.

Little by little blend in dry ingredients and finish off with sprinkles.

Roll into balls with your hands and bake for 8-10 minutes in the oven.


Dadaa, you made some super sweet cookies. Now munch along!


Introducing baby Raisin

Brace yourselves, turn on your cutness radars on and be prepared for them to explode right here right now. I’m about to indroduce one hell of a heartbraker to you, the man my whole life swirls around of these days – our handsome little son.

Since we are in the wide world of internet where everything is possible, let’s call him little Raisin by his beautiful bright brown eyes.
Raisin is freshly eight months old and brings loads of joy to our lives. Although pretty young, Raisin  keeps a quite strong poker face, so if you see us rolling on the streets and think “well thats one serious baby” think again, it’s just his poker face. Or when you try to tickle the little munchkin and bearly get a smirk out of him, it’s there again the good old poker face.
His lovely smile is topped off with two little teeth and even though he does not have a very big mouth, he is very capable of letting the neighbours know who is in charge in this family (little but loud…. loud and very high pitched).
Raisin enjoys music – both listening and playing and patting surfaces (including peoples heads Benny Hill style), he likes to tickle mommy and his favourite snack right now is cucumber.


Raisin and I have had many meetings and he has kindly promised to make more guest apperances on this page. So stay tuned for his adorbs little face.

Small town glory


If any of you was still wondering…this small town of ours looks even more cute covered in snow. Especially these pastel houses.

The sight was really pleasing for the eyes but I must admit it was bit tricky to push through the snowy streets with a stroller. Gladly baby Raisin doesn’t mind a shakey vehicle, so all in all a good work out in a fairytale setting.




5 must’s for 2016

As 2016 has arrived it seems only fare to whip out some New Year’s resolutions or in my case just another list – as we get to know each other better you will probably see a lot of them.
I am being really kind twords myself and sarting it off small. A tiny little list to keep in mind and keep me going.

DIY candles
Very basic DIY that I still haven’t scratched off from my project list. Since we have some wax from all the burnt Christmas candles that I have saved and some cute old school tea cups I figured it would make a cute combo.

Baby’s first year scrapbook
Very excited, very many ideas but haven’t started with anything yet. I might wait until munschkin gets 1, so I can see how much pictures and stuff I have to give each months equally space in the book.

Christmas wreath
I made a wreath this Christmas too, but because I lacked time and ideas it came out looking very dull. After finishing I came up with some neat ideas, so now I’m thinking that making Christmas wreaths will be an annual goal for me.

Guilted blanket
My Grandmother was asewingmaster and over all one of the greatest people that I haveever met. Making these kind of blankets was her signature trade – all of my relatives probably have at least couple of those pretties. She had such a good eye of making all the colours work together in harmony. So here I am attempting to hold her memory alive by sewing one on my own.

Bake a mean cake
Baking is something I have been thinking about a lot in the past year but haven’t gotten around to actually do much. So this year I want to make it into a bit of a hobby and try out some yummy recipes.

What’s on your list for 2016?

Wishing for Wednesday

Why Wednesday, you ask? Well it is just a day in a week, when this baby mama get’s a evening off from nappies and bottles, to do all kind of grown up stuff, such as going out for a coffee with friends or sitting behind the blue screen and typing her time away (about the baby stuff – ironic, isn’t it?).
Stay tuned for all things crafty and some brown eyed baby boy’s adventures.